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The Final Seventeen Hours of the Traveling Imaginary Kickstarter are Upon Us (Plus an Interview Round Up)!

There are but seventeen hours left in the Music Tapes’ Kickstarter campaign for the Traveling Imaginary!  If you haven’t made a pledge yet, but would like to do so, you can do so by clicking this link.

Julian’s done several interviews recently about the Kickstarter campaign and Mary’s Voice.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Rolling Stone

Talk Rock To Me (which is currently having some technical difficulties, but was cached): Part One, Part Two

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The first video from Mary’s Voice has been released!  The video for “S’Alive to be Known (May We Starve)” was directed by Albert Birney, former member of the Spinto Band.

Julian spoke to MTV Hive about the video.

Some of the objects and images that may seem vintage are actually just things or objects that are a part of the Music Tapes world: the sailor playing the white sousaphone is Robby from the Music Tapes and the Sousaphone is one of the horns he plays. The tower with the wooden arms coming out of it is our Organ Playing Tower. The wonderful footage of the swaying Elephant was actually filmed by Robby in person (at a preserve). A lot of these things actually have come over time from family (my grandmother’s basement especially) — and junk stores too.

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You can now listen to Mary’s Voice in its entirety on the Merge Records SoundCloud page!

Mary’s Voice is out September 4, 2012 on CD, LP, & digital from Merge Records.

Edit: Whoops!  Apparently you can’t listen to it on tumblr, but you can listen to it here.

Playing “Evening”, from the album Mary’s Voice, out September 4, 2012 on Merge Records.

Described by Julian Koster in the liner notes of Mary’s VoicePlaying ‘Evening’ is similar to a traditional song sung by sailors to the wind’s daughter Mary, a little girl, when seeking blessing for long voyages at sea. It is also sung by children the world over for luck at games, and is popular with courting teenagers. It is in the rhythmic relationship of the intervals to vowel sounds that the pattern is found. The same melody with different words, though with exactly the same rhythmic ratio of intervals to vowel sounds, is commonly sung in the children’s game “Evening.” (“Evening” is a game played with shadows.)

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The Music Tapes are slated to play this year’s Maximum Ames Music Festival, which is being held September 20th through the 23rd in Ames, Iowa.  The Music Tapes will be playing on September 22nd at the Ames City Auditorium with The Poison Control Center and Jeff Mangum.  Tickets for the festival and The Poison Control Center/Music Tapes/Jeff Mangum show are on sale now and there are only 900 seats available, so they will likely sell out fast!

From Merge Records:

On September 4, The Music Tapes will release Mary’s Voice.

Mary’s Voice, The Music Tapes’ third full-length album, is the warmest and most accessible invitation yet into Julian Koster’s world—the culmination of a vision he has been realizing for over a decade.

That vision began taking shape in the ’90s, during which time Koster also became a key member of Neutral Milk Hotel and a contributor to The Olivia Tremor Control and other legendary members of the enormously influential Elephant 6 Collective. Since then, Koster (along with long-time collaborator Robbie Cucchiaro on horns) has pushed the boundaries of what audiences have come to expect from an “indie rock” band—staging unique caroling and lullaby tours, performing alongside mechanical contraptions like the 7-Foot-Tall Metronome, and displaying virtuosity on both the singing saw and orchestral banjo.

Mary’s Voice, the follow-up to 2008’s acclaimed Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes, is part one of a planned two-part album and inaugurates a newly active phase in The Music Tapes’ evolution—with plans to tour the world in a circus tent later this year and an NPR radio serial in the works. Recorded with The Music Tapes’ signature method of using recording machines of both past (early 1900s, ’30s, ’40s, ’60s) and present to achieve a timeless sound, the album is, in Koster’s own words, “a holiday from what is so often mistakenly called the ‘real world’… In music, time can disappear the way it does in long summer evenings when we’re allowed to go out and play as kids, or afterwards, when exhausted, we dream.”

Mary’s Voice track listing:

1.  The Dark Is Singing Songs (Sleepy Time Down South)
2.  Saw and Calliope Organ on Wire
3.  S’ Alive (Pt. 1)
4.  The Big Beautiful Shops (It’s Said That It Could Be Anyone)
5.  Spare the Dark Streets
6.  To All Who Say Goodnight
7.  Kolyada #3
8.  Playing “Evening”
9.  Go Home Again
10.  S’ Alive to Be Known (May We Starve)
11.  Untitled
12.  Takeshi and Elijah

(In my excitement, when I went to add the release date, I accidentally deleted the earlier post.  Sorry!  T.I.C.O.T.I.S.)

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